Come to the table with confidence

Speaking Engagements

Chamber/Service Organizations

Are you looking to  struggling to find experienced, effective and entertaining speakers to your next chamber or service club meeting, especially on short notice? Many organizations comprised of business owners as members are continually looking for a speaker that can have an impact and help all of its members.

Business Associations/Societies/Institutions

Groups in the same industry or serving the same industry often face similar challenges and have similar questions.  We can custom design speaking presentations to meet the needs of specific industries or groups.  In addition, many industries have “industry guidelines, standards, or rules of thumb” when it comes to buying, selling, or valuing companies.  In most cases these are not the complete picture for its members to rely on. 

Professional Advisors

Each of you are helping your clients be more successful.  One way to add value to your services and stay in touch with your clients is to provide luncheons or speaking engagements that will benefit your clients.  We work together to provide a presentation that will make your clients appreciate you more and even bring more business to you.  We also make joint presentations with you in order to develop clients.

Below are just a few of the topics we have presented.  Give us a call and take advantage of our speaking engagements and let us work for you.

  • Three Key Components that Determine Your Value
  • Manufacturing Verses Service Verses Retail
  • Deal Structure and Financing
  • Ten Concerns in Selling a Business
  • Ten Concerns in Buying a Business
  • How Business Ownership Affects Retirement
  • Growth through Acquisition
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Franchises