Come to the table with confidence

How We Help You Sell Your Company

Advanced Business Group understands that no one wants to just sell a business.  Business owners want to sell their business in a manner that will allow them to achieve their goals after they have made the sale.  Although they are usually experts in their field, they do not sell companies every day and face many challenges that are new to them.

  • Struggling to know what you can expect to get for your business?
  • Wondering how to find qualified buyers?
  • So busy running the business you don’t have time to sell it as well?
  • Afraid confidentiality will be lost and with it goes your best employees?
  • What kind of deal structure is appropriate?
  • How do I keep from paying all my sales price in taxes?
  • Frustrated with brokers that only care about making a sale and not caring about helping you reach your goals?

The list can go on and on.  The toughest thing is that a wrong step with any of these issues can destroy the value of a business that has taken you years to build.  With Advanced Business Group on your team, you can sell your business with as much confidence as you sell your company’s products or services.  Contact us by phone, e-mail, or by completing the confidential seller’s information form and faxing it to us.  We can then begin to help you get where you are wanting to go.

Advanced Business Group believes it is more important to have plenty of quality buyers ready to buy a quality company than to have a lot of listings with no one to purchase them.  Take a look at some of our buyers, one of which may be right for you.