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Is Now The Time

When is the best time of the year to go to market?  This is a question that most business owners have as they think about selling.  The answer can depend on many variables including the type of business and seasonal issues; yet for most companies there is a simple answer.  If there are not specific issues in relation to an individual business (such as seasonal business like landscaping), the best time to be on the market is when the most buyers are looking to make a purchase.  There are two peak times for buyer activity.  The end of the year is when some buyers are looking to spend money for tax purposes or to spend unused budgeted cash.  This makes the last three months of the year the second best time to be on the market.  The best time is the first three months of the year.  Why?  A lot of people make major lifestyle changes (jobs, housing, etc.) at the first of the year.  Another reason is that a lot of buyers get their new budgeted money for the year.  The buyer activity is so strong in the first few months, it can often be bigger than the entire rest of the year.  On the first business day of the year, we have had so many calls from buyers that we literally could not leave the office for the entire day.  If you are thinking about going to market, the time to get started is now if you want to make the most of this next buying season!