Come to the table with confidence

Who We Are

The founder and director of Advanced Business Group is a former Certified Public Accountant and was licensed in the states of Tennessee and Alabama. Prior to founding Advanced Business Group, he was the Managing Partner for a CPA firm, owner of a medical billing corporation, home infusion therapy corporation, President and CFO of a healthcare corporation in addition to owning and managing a Service-Disabled, Veteran-owned government contracting company. With each of these companies, he spearheaded the funding, acquisition and selling of new divisions and companies. Sometimes serving as the consultant, sometimes as the seller, and sometimes as the buyer – he has been in the shoes of each party to a transaction and gained valuable insight of what makes a winning transaction. 
The financial, taxation, and business management background above is only part of what Advanced Business Group brings to you. In order to be effective in helping others to buy and sell companies, as well as maximize business value, we have combined the 25 years of business merger and acquisition background with two decades of marketing, selling, and business development experience. Requiring continuous education in both the financial and selling fields, Advanced Business Group believes in bringing to each party the knowledge necessary to close a deal or grow business value in a way in which all parties can be successful!