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Clients We Serve

We help you buy, sell, or value a business as well as to maximize and protect business value. 

Valuing a Business

Advanced Business Group helps when you are unsure of the real value of your business and are making crucial decisions that could be hurting that value.  Valuing a Business

Selling a Business

Advanced Business Group helps you when considering the sale of your business and you are unsure how to get the best price, worried about paying too much in taxes, concerned about losing confidentiality, and may be struggling to reach qualified buyers.  Selling a Business

Buying a Business

Advanced Business Group helps you want to buy a business or grow an existing company through acquisition and are frustrated with wasting time looking at companies that are not priced appropriately or that will not allow you to be successful after the purchase.  Buying a Business

Maximizing and Protecting Business Value

Advanced Business Group helps business owners that realize their business is more than just a weekly paycheck, but an asset than can be maximized at all times and protected to ensure that value is not lost, especially in a tough economy.  Maximizing and Protecting Business Value

Professional Advisors

Advanced Business Group partners with company advisors such as CPA’s, Attorneys, Asset Managers, and Commercial Realtors that are struggling to help their clients get the best information and make the best decisions when it comes to the issues above.  Professional Advisors