Come to the table with confidence

How We Help Our Buyers

Advanced Business Group understands the frustrations many buyers are facing while searching for the right opportunity.

  • Tired of looking at listings in which the broker has little or no information to provide?
  • Spending a lot of unnecessary time and expense travelling to see a business just to find out it is nothing like what you were lead to believe?
  • Keep running into sellers that have no realistic idea of the value of their business and have it priced inappropriately?
  • Not finding out about a quality company for sale until it is already sold?
  • Had enough of brokers that do not seem to care if you can be successful after you buy?
  • Struggling to protect yourself from buying a “hot potato” or a business that will not survive after you have made the purchase?

These are just a few of the many challenges our buyers do not have to endure.  Acquiring a business is one of the biggest investments made and you should be able to make that investment with confidence. Most businesses sell without ever getting to a public for sale website and they need to register.

If you have any questions, you can call us at any time.  We also provide buyer searches and consultation to buyers that have found a business that we do not represent and want to make sure they are moving in the best way to make the acquisition. Click here to search our Local Sellers.