Come to the table with confidence

Welcome to our site.  We find that buying, selling, valuing, or maximizing a business is not what most people are dreaming about. Their dreams – like yours - are made of the things they want to do when these processes are completed successfully.

In searching for help, many present and future owners will struggle with the following issues:

  • Worried about a broker that has never managed, bought, or sold their own businesses before trying to sell yours?
  • Struggling with a “broker” that has very little financial or tax backgrounds and does not understand that most financials are done to minimize taxes and do not show a business in the best light?
  • Frustrated with traditional “business brokers” and all their claims of how many deals they (or their franchisor) have done, how many years they have been in business and how many locations or employees they have, etc?
  • Wondering why they did not tell you that most “brokers” are fortunate to sell one listing a year, that many brokers are usually “part-time”, they often have to do other jobs to make a living, and that most brokers do not stay in the industry for more than a year?
  • Tired of trying to explain that you want to accomplish more than just “doing a deal” but that you want to “do a deal that allows you to achieve your goals”?
  • Are you a professional and afraid to refer your clients to a “broker” that may hurt their business instead of helping them make the most of it?

Advanced Business Group is not about “doing deals”!  We are about helping you understand the true situation you are in, good or bad, and helping you make the best decisions to maximize your position and get where you want to go; thus, allowing you to achieve the goals that will bring your dreams into a reality.

This site will share with you some of the issues that you will likely encounter when buying, selling, valuing, or maximizing a business. A wrong decision concerning any of these issues can destroy business value and limit your ability to reach your goals. If you are concerned with any of these issues or have questions of any kind in this arena, just give us a call and let’s see if it makes sense to conquer them together.

Or fill free to visit further here. Again, do you want to just do a deal, or do you want to fulfill your dream!